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Make 2023 the year you work from everywhere.

4 & 12-month Journeys

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The journey of a lifetime awaits you.

Grow, transform and meet the new you, 1 month, 1 country at a time.

Start 2023 off in a completely new city.

Join like-minded explorers on the road.

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Make it the year you see…


Hop on safari in Nairobi or scuba dive in Dakar. Africa’s all about bucket list moments.


From Hanoi’s Old Town to the temples of Chiang Mai, after work hours are better in Asia.


Island hop in Split one month, make paella in Valencia the next. Old world, new adventures.

Latin America

Paraglide over Medellin or tango in Buenos Aires. Come log on with us in Latin America.

North America

Hit the slopes in Colorado or learn French in Montreal. You’ll love these new destinations.

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What our community is saying

Chenda P.

"The human need to connect is so powerful. To meet a group of strangers, restless travelers, entrepreneurs, musicians, digital nomads, and soul searchers that are now lifelong friends is such a privilege. I’m grateful for the Remote Year team, this group of cohorts, and this experience. "

Drake M.

"The thing that makes this a unique experience is definitely the community that comes along with it. We thought about traveling to a city by ourselves but we decided to go with Remote Year instead. Best decision ever! Thanks for being awesome!"

Barbara C

“A life-changing experience that I believe everyone should have in their lifetime. Every minute, every experience, and every new friend was totally worth it. I felt completely supported the entire time, and I cannot imagine ever again traveling solo.”

You’ll love Remote Year. Here’s Why.

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